Film Studies – Wiebo’s War

***This post is going to primarily be about the 2011 documentary Wiebo’s War by director/producer David York which can be seen for free at the National Film Board website.  It will also draw upon the book ‘Saboteurs: Weibo Ludwig's War against Big Oil' by Andrew Nikiforuk for added information.*** The events of the late 1990s which came to be known as … Continue reading Film Studies – Wiebo’s War

Well, this could be interesting…

So this happened a couple of weeks ago: Canada officially has a PPC Party!  In real life! I'm mildly annoyed that we still haven't reached the introduction to Uprising's wimpy-left Prime Minister Jack Hemp (yes really) and his wishy washy 'Progressive Party of Canada.'  Although I don't know how much comedic value this event might … Continue reading Well, this could be interesting…

27-Winnipeg Map Recce (3): Morale & Motivation!

It’s about time we wrapped up the Winnipeg Map Recce. Alex Gabriel feels he’s ready to return to Stevenson’s HQ, and finally meet his subordinates. He’ll tell them exactly how they’re going to take and hold down town Winnipeg against all comers, and they will no doubt feel privileged to hear it, since he spent … Continue reading 27-Winnipeg Map Recce (3): Morale & Motivation!

Militia Assemble!

The featured image for this post is the Reservists of 1870 by French impressionist painter Pierre-Georges Jeanniot. While he’s most commonly known for paintings of the gilded age of Paris, he began his life as an officer in the French Army and served during the Franco-Prussian War.  A lot of his early paintings, which established … Continue reading Militia Assemble!