Film Studies – Rocks at Whiskey Trench

***Around a decade following the Oka Crisis, First Nations filmmaker Alanis Obomwasin revisited to subject with two further documentaries.  Rocks at Whiskey Trench, and Spudwrench - Kahnawake Man which can be seen at the National Film Board website here, and at the NFB's Youtube channel.  Due to the technological limitations of my laptop, all still … Continue reading Film Studies – Rocks at Whiskey Trench

Film Studies – Wiebo’s War

***This post is going to primarily be about the 2011 documentary Wiebo’s War by director/producer David York which can be seen for free at the National Film Board website.  It will also draw upon the book ‘Saboteurs: Weibo Ludwig's War against Big Oil' by Andrew Nikiforuk for added information.*** The events of the late 1990s which came to be known as … Continue reading Film Studies – Wiebo’s War

Kanehsetake (2) – The .50-cal at Oka…

***A quick note on historical sources before I begin.  There is at least some confusion amongst the main sources I’m using (Harry Swain Oka: A Political Crisis and its Legacy, Geoffrey York & Loreen Pindera's People of the Pines: The Warriors and the Legacy of Oka, and Timothy Winegard's Oka: A Convergence of Cultures and … Continue reading Kanehsetake (2) – The .50-cal at Oka…

Film Studies – Kanehsetake: 270 Years of Resistance

***Fair warning for any military readers!  The documentary film Kanehsetake: 270 Years of Resistance by Ojibwe film maker Alanis Obomsawin is hard to watch.  This is a film made by the people on the other side of the wire and they are not fans of the army or the Canadian government as a whole.  This makes … Continue reading Film Studies – Kanehsetake: 270 Years of Resistance