31.1-Losing Generations

***The most recent post in the deconstruction turned my thoughts down some dark paths.  Specifically about tragedy and loss, and the grief of survivors.  Be warned, this post will include discussions of suicide and the death of young people.  The fact that Douglas Bland hasn't seen fit to consider these subjects makes it all the … Continue reading 31.1-Losing Generations

27-Winnipeg Map Recce (3): Morale & Motivation!

It’s about time we wrapped up the Winnipeg Map Recce. Alex Gabriel feels he’s ready to return to Stevenson’s HQ, and finally meet his subordinates. He’ll tell them exactly how they’re going to take and hold down town Winnipeg against all comers, and they will no doubt feel privileged to hear it, since he spent … Continue reading 27-Winnipeg Map Recce (3): Morale & Motivation!